Pumpkin Boy guide / walkthrough ( still work in progress )

This game saves your progress, so if you don't finish it today you can always come back and continue from your last level.

Level 1: In the latest update the golden key and the chest are in different places.
You can also consult the in game help and view a map with your current position. You can move between levels by walking through the border flowers
or if you find the Level Jumper device; you can use it to jump from any level to any level at any time.
But it is recommended to explore this level for a couple of minutes and collect some stuff. It will be good practice for the rest of the game.

Level 2: Sometimes there are more ways to get to the same place. That is the case here. You can go left across the fire platforms,
( to get up you can push the big one on the ground and to the left until it's under the lowest one before fire platforms, climb on it and make your way up )
get the golden key and then go back where you started and make your way up to the chest.
Or you could go straight up, get to the rotating platform on the left side, jump down to get the key and then jump back and make your way to the chest to open it.
The jump from the key platform onto the rotating platform is possible, but very difficult, so it may be easier to just drop down to the ground and go back that way.

Level 3: If you don't have enough cans pick some up. There is one to your right and another all the way to the left near the border flower.
There are more, but those require some effort to get to. This is where you'll meet the boss for the first time.
Once you get there if you stand on the edge of the platform you will be out of each others' range and you won't be able to hit each other. Use that to your advantage.

This is also the first level where you will have to go through those falling rocks to get to the chest.
Good to know you can hide behind those little wooden posts around the edges. Just make sure you are all the way behind them and your arm or leg is not sticking out.

Level 4: Four up/down moving platforms. You'll have to jump on the one of the two that drop the lowest and make your way to the left side.
Be patient, it's easier to wait until platforms are closer to the top and jump down onto another moving platform.
Once you are standing on the farthest left platform it should be easy to jump over to those where the golden key awaits.
After that is done you will have to go all the way to the right side of the world and make your way up through falling rocks and fire.
Find a nice place to hide under the fire and watch the fire pattern. Use wooden posts to hide and wait for the right moment to advance further up.

Level 5: On the right side you have a lot of power-ups but to get to the chest you only need to go left, so if you only want to go through quickly go that way.
Only fire and some jumping ability stand in your way. Once you are at the top jump over onto the rotating platform. You will see the golden key to your right.
It may be a good idea to spray the bad guy patroling that same platform before you jump onto it. Once you are there and have the key, it's just two more jumps to get to the chest.

Level 6: This is where things get difficult. You will have to go right and get onto the second rotating platform ( farther to the right )
and then from there you have to pick up the golden key and make your way all the way to the left side while staying on platforms.
If you fall you will have to go back the same way because there is no way to climb up on the left side.
Once you reach platforms with fire try to go through them and jump over to those three stair like platforms, quickly make your way behind the wooden post or higher up to avoid falling rocks.
Once in a safe place look up and see where the chest is, all the way up to the left. Wait for the right moment and make a run for it.

Level 7: Both , the golden key and the chest are on the left side and once you get to the key, it's just a short jump to the chest.
But, first you will have to get there. It should be easy to hop onto up/down moving platforms just to the right of your starting position.
Then make your way right onto the rotating platform and from there a few more jumps until you meet your boss friend for the second time.
Same tactics that got you through level 3 should work here too. He's just a bit faster and has a little buddy right next to him. Once you beat him it's fire and rocks. Good luck there.


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