Pumpkin Boy

Pumpkin Boy / episode #1

The good spirits of Pumpkin boy's world have been locked away and he is on a rescue mission.
Great platformer.


Ski Jump

Ski Jump DX

Olympic style ski jumping. Practice as long as you like then try a real competition where your 2 best jumps count.

Alpha station 7


The sequel to Alpha Station 7.
The ultimate in bloody zombie action.



Action - puzzle - platformer game. Play as our furry character and light up all of the platforms using your abilities and items you find laying around.

Ninja Run

Ninja Run

Run, run all the way to the tiemple while jumping and hacking your way through red ninja defenses and other obstacles.

Basketball park

Basketball park

A relaxing game of bball in the park.
Shoot around and see how many points you can score before the clock counts down to zero.

Archery 2012

Archery 2012

12 arrows and a target lie between you and your
best score. How steady is your aim. Play and find out for yourself.

Dr. Dunkenstein

Dr. Dunkenstein alley-oop clinic

Pass to Dr. Dunkenstein and connect for as many alley-oops as you can before the time runs out.

Messi's Hand

Messi's hand

Silly game developed for sharkpie.com inspired by real events. Play as Messi's hand and avoid getting stepped on

Copa Libertadores

Copa Libertadores FK

The best south american teams in elimination stages.


The Transporter

6 locations with 14 levels.
Pick up your passengers and drop them off at the landing platform.

Football jerseys quiz

Football Jerseys + quiz

If you just need a quick one minute quiz
try this Football Jerseys + a few other things quiz.



Not so old fashioned vertical shooter.


Quarterback Challenge 2010

Football season is here, so go ahead;
choose your favorite quarterback and
test your passing under pressure.

chopper assault

Chopper Assault

New shooter developed for Sharkpie.com
Pilot your chopper through 3 demanding missions
use credits to upgrade between missions.


Skateboarding Santa

Santa needs your help. He's lost his sled and you need to help him skateboard his way to the ferry back home.

Bunny B-Ball

Bunny B-Ball

Pick your bunny and try to win the tournament. Awesome hoops action.


SAG Underwater cave mission

Secrent agent guy has stolen a minisub
and needs to get as far as possible into
the enemy territory.

tricky hoops

Dr. Dunkenstein tricky hoops

Basketball shootout with moving basket, fireballs and a defender. Score as many points as you can in this arcade style hoops game.

Running Back

Running Back

Four downs to gain as many yards as possible. Collect power-ups for extra yardage.

Football league jumper

Football League Jumper

Start out i Division 3 and jump your way up through leagues and championships until you reach the top, if you can that is.

Santa's PK world cup

Santa's World Cup Penalty Kicks

Play for team North Pole and take on Brasil, Spain and other real teams i order to win the cup.

.Free Kick League

Free Kick Champions League

Updated to 8 team league with 16 teams to choose from. Pick yours then kick and bend it through defenses to reach the top of the table. The best teams are in there.

drop kick champion

Drop KIck Champion ( Rugby )

Use your drop kick abilities to score over defenders and to become the champion.

field hockey

Field hockey

Field hockey shootout with time bonuses
Score as many goals before time runs out.

2010 World Cup

010 World Cup prep.

Prepare for the 2010 World Cup.
Try to Volley, head or sneak in a low
ground shot past the keeper.



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