inter vs citynew game

Inter vs Manchester City

The 2023 UEFA Champions league final
Play it here as many times as you like
Great action in a great atmosphere

Lob Master 3

Lob Master 4

The latest version features much improved graphics, even better gameplay and other additions as well.


Liverpoolvsrealnew game

Neymar Can Play

PSG or Brasil Neymar, injured but he can still play
with the best of them

WorldCup 2022 FK

WorldCup 2022 FK

Play the most exciting version of the World Cup
Score goals and make spectacular saves


.Ultimate PK

Ultimate PK

Full year of matches. Try to rise up in the world rankings by defeating opponents. More points awarded for wins against better teams


Copa America

Copa America

Free Kick Copa America like you have never seen before. All your favorite teams and exciting action.

africa cup of nations

Africa cup of nations 2023

Pick your country and take them from the round of 16 all the way to the championship

Golden Boot 2020

El Clasico

The greatest rivalry in football
Choose your favorite and win the El Clasico
Barcelona vs Real Madrid

saudi el clasico

Saudi El Clasico

Al-Hilal vs. Al-Ittihad, The Saudi derby
Pick your favorite and win the trophy for your team
in this excising version of Saudi El Clasico


world cup 2023

Women's World Cup 2023

Play the Women's World Cup with your
favorite team and bring glory to your nation. Exciting FK action like you've never played before.

messi vs ronaldo KTT

Messi vs. Ronaldo KTT

Messi vs Ronaldo, 2 player game
Kick tac toe like you never saw before
Choose your guy and go for it

.messi newchallenge

Messi a new challenge

Leo finds himself in a new era facing challenges unique to Florida as well as the usual ones

Running Back DX

Running back DX

One of our most popular games ever.
Super exciting infinite running back action
Earn trophies and go for the hi-score

Bicycle kick master

Bicycle Kick Master

Master the bicycle kicks and earn trophies in this hugely popular football game


Super Bowl 2019 Tic Tac Toe

Play a cool 2019 Superbowl version of Tic Tac Toe. Choose your team and go against your friend.

santa footy

Santa Footy Special

Santa vs Grinch as well as
Santa vs goalkeeper and target shooting skills player mode too


Quarterback Master

Become the Quarterback master by completing numerous challenges.
Pass to receivers, hit targets, and stuff..

Soccer Rush

Soccer Rush

Run for your life and avoid soccer hooligans and dirty defenders, then score goals.


4 downs

4 Downs

How far can you go with 4 downs
Run through incoming defenders, jump over them, slide under and go for it

Rugby Run

Asian Cup 2023

Exciting proven gameplay, this time
with the Asian Teams.

super bowl

Super Bowl Defender

Awesome blood letting football action.
Slam and tackle opposing running backs
and leave them shellshocked.

Field Goal Champ

Field Goal Champ

Kick field goals from various positions on the field and over defenders
trying to block you.

Euro 2020

Euro 2020 FK edition

It is on, the best free kick footy is out. Enjoy it during the Euro 2020, a year later

Earn trophies on your way to the


Olympic Curling

play the tournament ot vs a friend in this
2 player game



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